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Erectile Dysfunction Remedy

Before you learn about erectile dysfunction remedy, it is advisable for you to know what exactly erectile dysfunction is.

Generally speaking, the inability to develop or maintain an erection is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is one of the most common male sexual problems in the world. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be attributed to various reasons like old age, medical condition, side effects of illicit drugs, stress, performance anxiety and a few others. Getting old and suffering from diseases wear down the body, resulting in erectile dysfunction. When a man can’t get a hard erection and as a result unable to penetrate a woman, he feels embarrassed and his self esteem is lowered. Situation like this can be horrifying and it can cause a deep emotional scar.

There are many erectile dysfunction remedies available, which can help you in getting rid of erectile dysfunction. One often wonders if the erectile dysfunction remedy works. Can erectile dysfunction be treated? Yes it can be! Go through the following erectile dysfunction remedies and say ‘good bye’ to ED.


Many men suffer from performance anxiety. They worry too much about their performance and this leads to erectile dysfunction. In some cases, it can purely be psychological. The fear of failure can get men into trouble in bed. Sometimes, it depends on the partners and the relationship they share. Relieving the sexual anxiety will be of great help. Psychotherapy is one such erectile dysfunction remedy which can help those men who don’t have any other physical problem.


Diabetes may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction. The elevated blood glucose levels that cause blood vessel and nerve damage in other parts of the body can also lead to complications in blood flow and nerve damage to the penis. Heart disease and diabetes are often related because diabetes may cause coronary artery damage. Coronary artery damage may lead to sexual problem. If a man suffers from both diabetes and coronary artery damage, he has a very high chance of having sexual problem. In this case, the person should consult a doctor and discuss all his sexual issues without any hesitations.

Artificial erection

A surgery might help a man. In this procedure, a prosthesis is implanted so that a man with erectile dysfunction maybe able to induce an artificial erection. The procedure may work best for young men.

Vacuum devices

Mechanical vacuum pumps are medical devices, which has an elastic band. When it is fastened around the base of the penis, it will maintain an erection. They help you maintain an erection by producing a partial vacuum, the effect of which is to help the flow of blood into the penis.

There are unlimited remedies and solutions for erectile dysfunction. It is up to you to find out which one suits you. Bid farewell to erectile dysfunction by following the above erectile dysfunction remedies.

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About Cialis

Cialis tadalafil is among the latest prescription drugs that temporarily help men to treat erectile dysfunction. It came into market after Viagra had already become popular among men. Eli Lilly manufactures Cialis and the chemical name of Cialis is tadalafil, but it is more popular among men by its brand name. A lot of information about Cialis is available on the internet, as there are many websites, which provide details about Cialis tadalafil is meant for men’s sexual health problem or in other word erectile dysfunction problem. Cialis Tadalafil can improve your sexual health and make you go evergreen in life. Cialis has few advantages over other medicine available in market for erectile dysfunction. and even sell it online. It is good to have prior knowledge about Cialis and its side effects before ordering it online, so try to get as much information possible about Cialis.

Strengths of Cialis

This erectile dysfunction medication is available in tablet form. Cialis comes in different strengths and only a registered medical doctor is competent enough to prescribe the right dosage of Cialis that too after proper medical examination. The different strengths include:

– Cialis 5 mg-yellow, almond-shaped, film-coated tablets

– Cialis 10 mg-yellow, almond-shaped, film-coated tablets

– Cialis 20 mg-yellow, almond-shaped, film-coated tablets

The dosage of Cialis works best if taken 30 minutes before sexual activity. Its effects may last up to 36 hours or more. However, dosage of Cialis does not increase sex drive among men. It works only under sexual stimulation.

Ingredients of Cialis

The main ingredient of Cialis is tadalafil, which works to relax muscles around penis and revive blood regulation in the penis.

Cialis is the best oral treatment for erectile dysfunction that also has some inactive ingredients. The common ones include croscarmellose sodium, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, iron oxide, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate, talc, titanium dioxide, and triacetin.

Side effects of Cialis

Some people reported side effects of Cialis such as loss of vision in one eye or both. There can be other reasons also for loss of vision, as other medical conditions can become potential causes. It is not yet determined that Cialis causes this side effect. A user needs to go for proper medical check up to know about exact cause of this medical condition.

There are some possible side effects of Cialis. The most common side effects include an allergic reaction, closing of the throat, chest pain or irregular heartbeats, dizziness, nausea, or shortness of breath. However, these side effects are treatable and go away once your body adjusts to the medication or you stop the treatment.

If erection lasts longer than four hours or men experience pain during sexual activity due to dosage of Cialis, then immediate medical attention is must.
















Availability of Cialis

Cialis tadalafil is available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as per need basis or for daily regimen. Many online resources sell Cialis under prescription from a registered medical doctor.

The process to buy Cialis online is quite simple and requires least effort from men who want to buy it for erectile dysfunction treatment. It also saves lot of time and energy of people, which is not possible when people buy it from a local pharmacy.

All it requires a person is to fill in the prescription form citing details about his medical history. This may give an idea to the doctor who evaluates this form to judge if the ingredients of Cialis may produce allergic reactions. Once the doctor approves the form, users can easily buy Cialis.

How Cialis is better than Viagra?

– Cialis is approved for use in the Britain and most European countries and in the US. Effects of Cialis last from 24 to 36 hours in the body system whereas Viagra lasts for about four to six hours.

– Cialis is usually taken 30 minutes before sexual activity and it produces great results. The side effects of Cialis are also less than that of Viagra.

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