Posted on 23-09-2015
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I’ve made my mind to give Viagra a try thinking of it as of a plaything. Actually, before the first time had used it I knew literally nothing about how it actually works. The knowledgebase I had has formed mainly through ‘true stories’ from my friends and a bunch of inspirational examples, nothing as for practical information. The only thing I realized clearly was that I needed to get a quality product, as according to my friends generic nonames produced aggressive adverse effects. Don’t mess with Viagra!

So I’ve dropped in at Online Pharmacy, a drugstore highly recommended by the most Don Juan friend of mine and placed an order there. The medication was delivered safe and sound in less than a week (I guess a couple of days? Well, I was in no rush so I cannot remember how many days did it take exactly). I’ve even managed to get it with 20% discount as a part of some promotion (lucky I am :)).

So I’ve decided to give myself a stress test: my plan was a nightclub and a new girl, and if everything goes smooth, I will use my secret weapon. I’ve chosen the club with an easy pick-up reputation – this is how I met Helen, a super-sexy, young and full of energy girl. A couple of cocktails and we were ready to leave the place (you must avoid mixing alcohol with Viagra – I never knew about that, so I was risking my health, so you should better learn my lesson). I thought Viagra makes you hard without even asking, but it’s not the thing – you have to want to have a sex, otherwise, it seems nothing will happen.

However, this is where I was shocked and amazed at the same time – a full-C size has literally driven me mad. I’ve done my best that night – those were the most crazy 4 hours and simply unbelievable sexual experience. 4 hours of passion, enjoyment and pure sex. I didn’t even count the number of times we had sex, because I was simply UNSTOPPABLE – at first Helen was begging for more, but after 3 hours of she was begging me for mercy. Recovery time? A minute or two I guess. Quick ejaculation? Well, forget about it. I don’t know, perhaps, I was lucky to have such a reaction of the body, but that night was really crazy.

Should say that I had a headache in the morning, but I suspect it could have been caused by the cocktails at the bar and several cigarettes in the evening (I’m not a regular smoker). Nevertheless, I’m willing to repeat the experience, just looking to have some special occasion. Fortunately, I’ve never had any problems with erection, so in my case it was all about diversifying my bachelor life.

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