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I’ve made my mind to give Viagra a try thinking of it as of a plaything. Actually, before the first time had used it I knew literally nothing about how it actually works. The knowledgebase I had has formed mainly through ‘true stories’ from my friends and a bunch of inspirational examples, nothing as for practical information. The only thing I realized clearly was that I needed to get a quality product, as according to my friends generic nonames produced aggressive adverse effects. Don’t mess with Viagra!

So I’ve dropped in at Online Pharmacy, a drugstore highly recommended by the most Don Juan friend of mine and placed an order there. The medication was delivered safe and sound in less than a week (I guess a couple of days? Well, I was in no rush so I cannot remember how many days did it take exactly). I’ve even managed to get it with 20% discount as a part of some promotion (lucky I am :)).

So I’ve decided to give myself a stress test: my plan was a nightclub and a new girl, and if everything goes smooth, I will use my secret weapon. I’ve chosen the club with an easy pick-up reputation – this is how I met Helen, a super-sexy, young and full of energy girl. A couple of cocktails and we were ready to leave the place (you must avoid mixing alcohol with Viagra – I never knew about that, so I was risking my health, so you should better learn my lesson). I thought Viagra makes you hard without even asking, but it’s not the thing – you have to want to have a sex, otherwise, it seems nothing will happen.

However, this is where I was shocked and amazed at the same time – a full-C size has literally driven me mad. I’ve done my best that night – those were the most crazy 4 hours and simply unbelievable sexual experience. 4 hours of passion, enjoyment and pure sex. I didn’t even count the number of times we had sex, because I was simply UNSTOPPABLE – at first Helen was begging for more, but after 3 hours of she was begging me for mercy. Recovery time? A minute or two I guess. Quick ejaculation? Well, forget about it. I don’t know, perhaps, I was lucky to have such a reaction of the body, but that night was really crazy.

Should say that I had a headache in the morning, but I suspect it could have been caused by the cocktails at the bar and several cigarettes in the evening (I’m not a regular smoker). Nevertheless, I’m willing to repeat the experience, just looking to have some special occasion. Fortunately, I’ve never had any problems with erection, so in my case it was all about diversifying my bachelor life.

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Testicular Self-Examination (TSE) Procedure

  • While standing in front of a mirror, place the thumbs on the front side of the testicle and support it with the index and middle fingers of both hands.
  • Gently roll the testicle between the fingers and thumbs. The testes can move around a little in the scrotum, but cannot usually move enough to twist round fully.
  • Feel for lumps, hardness or thickness. Compare the feelings in each testicle. Normal testes feel like smooth and slightly spongy balls inside the baggy scrotum. It is normal for one testis to be slightly bigger than the other, and for one to hang slightly lower than the other.
  • You can normally feel the spermatic cord through the skin of the scrotum just above the testis. It feels like a thick piece of string.
  • If you find any swelling, lump, unusual tenderness or other abnormality, see your doctor as soon as possible.

What Is Epididymo-Orchitis?

Orchitis means inflammation of a testis (testicle). Epididymitis means inflammation of the epididymis (the structure next to the testis that is involved in making sperm). Because the testes and epididymis lie so close together in the scrotum, it is often difficult to know whether either or both are inflamed.

Most cases are due to an infection:

  • Urinary tract infection – bugs that cause urinary tract infection can spread into the testes and epididymis, causing epididymo-orchitis.
  • Sexually transmitted infections – in young men this is the most common cause. It is most commonly seen with chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections.
  • Mumps – this used to be a common cause but is now uncommon thanks to the MMR vaccine. Mumps can cause epididymo-orchitis in about one in every five cases.
  • Uncommon causes include other types of infections from other parts of the body that can, rarely, travel in the blood to the testes.

Symptoms come on over a day or so and include a swollen, tender and red scrotum. It may feel warm to touch as well as sore. You may have a temperature and generally feel unwell. There may be other symptoms, such as burning when passing urine, depending on the underlying cause. If a urinary tract or sexually transmitted infection appears to be the cause then a urine test or penile swabs will be done.

Treatment usually involves a course of antibiotics and symptoms normally resolve over a week or so. Supporting underwear sometimes helps to ease the pain. Complications are uncommon and a full recovery is the norm. However possible complications include:

  • Reduced fertility in the affected testis
  • An abscess that may form in the scrotum and may need surgical treatment
  • Rarely, damage to the testes – resulting in gangrene of the testes requiring surgical removal
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The normal male fertility process involves being able to make enough mature sperm of the right size and shape and get those sperm to reach and fertilise the egg, thereby achieving pregnancy. In general, men reach their peak fertility levels at about the age of 25 and fertility levels start to decline after the age of 40. However, many men can remain fertile right up until the age of 80 and beyond.

Male fertility requires many complex biological conditions to be met, including:

  • The ability to have and maintain an erection
  • Having enough sperm of the right shape that move in the right way
  • Having enough semen to carry the sperm to the egg

The issue of male infertility is a sensitive one for men and their partners. The psychological impact of infertility upon individuals or couples affected by it may be significant. It can result in distress, anxiety, relationship difficulties and possibly depression Health Care Store in Canada.

Infertility for a couple is commonly defined as the failure to achieve pregnancy after regular unprotected sex for at least a year. Some couples have never been able to conceive – this is known as primary infertility. Secondary infertility describes couples who have previously been pregnant at least once, but have not been able to achieve another pregnancy.

How Common Is Infertility?

Male infertility is common. About one in six couples attempting their first pregnancy meet with disappointment. The cause of infertility tends to follow the rule of thirds. Approximately, the problem is with the male one-third of the time, with the female one-third of the time and with both one-third of the time. Therefore the male is at least partly responsible in about 50 per cent of all cases of infertile couples.

Sperm Development

The production of sperm is known medically as spermatogenesis. This process occurs in the ducts and tubes of the testes. Cell division there produces mature sperm cells known as spermatozoa. These sperm cells contain one half of a man’s genetic code. The process of sperm development takes about eighty days to produce a mature sperm from start to finish. Therefore any illness or infection a man may have had at the start of the cycle may still affect sperm production two or three months later, even if he is well at the time of examination.

The Temperature of Sperm

Sperm are produced better and survive longer in a low-temperature environment. This is the main reason why the testes are outside the body. For this reason you should be cautious about wearing any clothing, such as very tight-fitting underpants or trousers, or activities – such as excessive use of saunas or steam-rooms – that can increase the temperature of sperm. Sitting on a bicycle saddle can also have an adverse effect on sperm production, particularly if you are wearing tight-fitting shorts.

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