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Cialis and Viagra both are the trademark drugs which cures the erectile dysfunction in human body. These drugs help to increase the flow of the blood to the penile tissues. Usually, when anyone heard about the Cialis kaufen they also come to know about the close competitor of it i.e. Viagra. Viagra drug is first appeared in 1998 and considered as a very good drug and make a very good market as it was a very first drug introduced in the market to cure such kind of diseases. These days a new product has also been introduced to ICOS Corporation called Levitra and rumors has spread all around that this product will definitely beat the unbelievable success of Viagra Kaufen.

  • Firstly, it has been recognized that the market of the Cialis has reached at very high level and it has put aside the success achieved by Viagra in late 90’s. The important and the noticeable thing is that this drug proves to be good for millions of people suffering from this dysfunction and very less people are using Viagra. If we see the graphical representation, we easily find that Viagra has earned a profit if $1.5 bn, whereas the money used for these drugs has raise up to the cost of $6.

Similarly, Cialis has given a path to treat this disease and this medication has made this treatment so successful that it’s constantly improving the lives of many people. This drug helps to block an enzyme named phosphodiesterase, which help to calm down some of the muscles and increases the blood flow in penis.

This drug is available in all the stores but you can buy it only by doctor’s prescription. Another advantage of Cialis popularity is that – this drug is available in many countries like United Kingdom, Finland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and now also in USA.

  • Moreover, the most important thing which has come up in favor of Cialis is its rapid effects. It has been judged that Cialis pill start its work within next sixteen minutes and the process continues till twenty four hours or more whereas after taking Viagra, one can feel the effects after one hour and will be effective maximum for four hours.

According to the user reviews it has been concluded that, Cialis persists in the body for long time duration as compared to Viagra.

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Erectile Dysfunction [ED] Questions and Answers

This article arose as a result of discussions I had with a few of my colleagues concerning our sexuality or, more easily put, our sexual lives. Men and women are very concerned about their sex lives and things that affect it. However, sex is hardly discussed openly especially areas where there are misgivings. Absence of open and frank talk about sex and sexual issues between couples is the bane of many relationships. Communication regarding sexual matters is avoided and such communication could have solved the problem had it taken place.

Many relationships had hit the rocks because the woman had suspected her partner of cheating on her and seeing another woman or other women. How did she know? Her partner suddenly started coming home late and each time he returned, he was reeking of alcohol. He would then have his food and go on straight to bed without as much as a glance at his wife talk less of making love to her. On the other hand, the man suddenly realized that his penis had gone limp despite all he did to make it erect. He consulted a few friends who told him his wife must not know about it until he had found a solution to it. He was told to do everything possible to prevent his wife from finding out that he could not perform until he had found a solution to his erectile dysfunction.

Find below, a simple question and answer about erectile dysfunction [ED], to enable you know what it is and how you can resolve it. Erectile dysfunction is treatable if you apply the appropriate treatment. Communicate with your partner about it and together you will find the best cure for your erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction [ED]?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED, is the inability of males to achieve and maintain an erection long enough to perform mutually satisfactory sexual intercourse with a partner. Erectile Dysfunction is also loosely termed as ‘impotence’. Erectile Dysfunction is not to be confused with impotence which is the inability of the male to achieve an erection. Erectile Dysfunction could be a temporary performance problem where an erection is difficult to maintain or it could be a total inability to have an erection at all. All male impotence is erectile dysfunction but not all erectile dysfunction is impotence.

Why does Erectile Dysfunction [ED] happen?

Erectile Dysfunction is always an embarrassing condition resulting in severe loss of confidence and a restricted social life. There are various factors that can result in ED ranging from psychological factors like stress or performance anxiety, to physiological factors resulting from diseases like Diabetes, High blood Pressure, etc.

How do I know if I have Erectile Dysfunction [ED]?

There are many ways of confirming whether you have ED or not. Discussing with your friends is definitely not a way of finding out if you have erectile dysfunction. A visit to your doctor and a frank conversation with him discussing your symptoms and concerns is the first step towards finding out if you have erectile dysfunction. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor will recommend tests that will need to be done.

What are the tests done to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

Tests to diagnose ErectileDysfunction (ED) can include Blood Tests, Ultrasonography, Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT), physical tests to determine Penile nerve function, or Cavernosometry. Other tests as the doctor may determine can be carried out to test erectile dysfunction.

What are the treatments available for Erectile Dysfunction [ED]?

Many treatments are available to ease Erectile Dysfunction. The basic treatment for ED is sex counselling and is enough to cure most erectile dysfunction. However, where sex counselling fails, medication treatment is applied. These include Oral Herbal medication like ProCALIS2go, ProCALISX and ProVIGRAX; Oral Prescription medication like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Other ED treatments are Penile Injection Therapy, Intraurethral Therapy, Vacuum Therapy and Penile Implant Surgery.

Now that you know what erectile   dysfunction is, help your  partner to conquer it with love and understanding. Your love therapy and concern for his sexual wellbeing might work better than all the sex counselling the professionals will provide. Where all else fails, use herbal medications that do not require prescriptions and do not have any side effects.

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