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When the Earth diverted to 23 degrees from its road, the heart also diverted at an angle of 23 degrees then. This is the reason for its location: a little to the left, and not in the middle. One day, when the Earth comes back to its initial state, the heart will come exactly at the middle, as it was with the original man.

Contemporary physiologists have a special notion about the heart. They consider it to be something like a pump, and due to its contractions and relaxes blood moves all over the body. This is partly true Canadian Pharmacy Viagra online, but actually heart not only makes blood move. The reason for the blood movement is a special vital power, which comes as a flow into organism and makes heart cells pulse. This power has its own regulator in the brain. Hence heart cells are Rational creatures with great intelligence. After the brain cells, heart cells come next if we speak about intelligence.

Contractions and relaxations of heart happen thanks to electricity, which comes down from a special zone. Brain regulates the zone of the heart. Many people die untimely, because that electrical current, which comes from outside, is interrupted. Just as wheels move by a dynamic force, the heart is controlled by a cosmic force of the Universe. Thanks to that force, the heart contracts and relaxes, i.e. constant tides occur. At each contraction and relaxation of the heart, the blood is received and sent all over the body.

Actually, the heart, as a physical organ, and has no a power to push the arterial blood in the body. The reason for the pulse of the heart is due to the cosmic electricity and magnetism. They bear life. When the harmony between these powers is destroyed, the function of the human heart is also destroyed.

Blood is a conductor of human life. By its increasing or decreasing, life is prolonged or shortened. Blood has two major components: one – liquid plasma, and the other – of red and white corpuscles and some others. Blood bears oxygen, which is needed for life, to the organism. It takes the carbon dioxide, which has formed in the body. It is a poison and through the venous blood, it takes it out. This purification happens during all the time. When our thoughts are unclean, carbon dioxide increases. When our thoughts are clean oxygen increases and carbon decreases. When our heart is clean, oxygen increases, and carbon decreases. If your deeds are right, oxygen also increases, and carbon decreases. Right deeds increase oxygen in the body. Right feelings increase oxygen in the heart and right thoughts increase oxygen in the human mind. If you destroy the plasma of your blood, in your heart, by the feelings, if you destroy the plasma of your blood, in your body, by your deeds, I ask, who can help you? You will begin to sniff.

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